Tips Buying Clothes When Christmas Shopping

Tips Buying Clothes When Christmas Shopping

Christmas shopping can be a lot of fun. Spending some time searching for the perfect gift for everyone on your gift list can be a great deal of fun. It is also rewarding when you find and purchase a gift you just know your loved one will treasure. However, there is one aspect of Christmas shopping which seems to be difficult for everyone. It seems when it comes to buying clothing while Christmas shopping, everyone seems to have at least a slight hesitation. There are just so many variables when it comes to clothes shopping that it can be difficult to shop for clothing for those on your gift list. Some of the variables which make Christmas shopping for clothing so difficult include size, color, style and material. This article will take a look at why Christmas shopping for clothing is so difficult and will attempt to offer some insight into how to purchase clothing for others.

The matter of size is one thing that makes Christmas shopping for clothing so difficult. You may have a good idea about what size your friend or family members is but it can be difficult to select the correct size particularly for items such as pants, skirts, dresses or blazers. Items such as sweatshirts in which the fit does not have to be perfectly tailored are easier to shop for but even with these items you still run the risk of selecting a shirt which is too small. A sweatshirt which is too big is considered acceptable as many people where these shirts large as a style but shirts which are too small can be rather uncomfortable and will not likely be worn by the recipient. When Christmas shopping for clothing it is wise to either select casual items or ask the recipient to try on the clothing. This ruins the element of surprise but will help you to select the correct size. You may wish to discuss your intentions to purchase clothing for your friend or family member and ask them if they would prefer to receive a surprise or to participate in the selection process by trying on items before they are purchased.

Selecting colors is another difficult aspect of Christmas shopping for clothing. In general if you know your friend or family members wears a particular color often, it is safe to assume they like this color and enjoy wearing this color. However, even this safe strategy can backfire on you at times. You may decide to purchase an article of clothing in this particular color because you see your friend or family members wearing the color often but you may soon find out they are tired of wearing that particular color and were hoping to receive clothing in other colors to expand their wardrobe. Again you can alleviate this problem by talking to your friend or relative and asking them what colors they would like to wear. This lets them know you are planning to purchase clothing for them for Christmas but does not give away the type of clothing or the style of the clothing.

Perhaps one of the most difficult dilemmas associated with Christmas shopping for clothing is selecting a style which will be appealing to the recipient of the Christmas gift and will look good on the recipient as well. If you are purchasing a gift of clothing for a really close friend or family member you may have a good idea about the style of clothing she likes because you see the clothing she wears on a regular basis but it still can be difficult to pick out items which you know she will like and will be flattering on her in terms of style. Again one of the best ways to deal with this situation is to ask the friend or relative to come shopping with you.

What is the best day for holiday shopping on christmas?

Tips Buying Clothes When Christmas Shopping

Do shopping on holiday Christmas is depend on which items are on your holiday list.

Coupon site Rather Be-Shopping and Kyle James of the online discout, dug through nine years of data to look for patterns in deal and discount during December month. He broke it down by pruduct category to find out exactly which day offers the best price on everything from kitchen appliances to children's toys;

Fitness gear and equipment

Retailers like sport authority, Modell's, Dick's Sporting Goods, and Big 5 Sporting Goods have previously released new couplons on the 10th, and there is agood bet that will happen again. Dick's , Reebok, Under Armour, and Puma are all also participating in free Shipping Day on December 15.

Tips : For the best price for fitness equipment and workout gear are usually found right after New Year's,  So if you are buying for yourself. it is probably better to wait until the next month ( On January ).


Both Dell and HP have issued coupons and big price cuts on December 13th the past three year. Costo,has offered steep discouts on Dell, HP, Acer, and Toshiba laptops in the middle of December and likely will do the same thing.

Pro tip: If you are purching for yourself or your family, please wait until graduation the Christmas when you will typically find the best price and incentives of the years.


When you buying TV as a Gift for someone you love, the best time is two weeks out from Christmas. Ratherbe shopping saw signifiacant deals over the past eight years on HDTVs between December 8 and 10 from bestBuy, Costco, and Walmart. Base on the last years, discounts on Samsung, Sony, Vizo, and Panasonic TVs could be in the 30-45%-off range.

Pro tip : If you buy a TV, don't buy during December. the best time are in the late of January or early on Feb.

Tools and Hardware

Tips Buying Clothes When Christmas Shopping

trends from the last years show that like home Depot, Lowe's and Ace Hardware will offer online discounts and start dropping prices in middle December around the 13th.

Pro tip : When you are buying a Gift, please wait until weeks leading up to Father's Day for the best annual discouts on powers tools and home-improvement items.


Last year, the best prices and coupons for toys were found on the 16th December. the best deals will likely be in store, as free Shipping day will have ready passed. The weekend before Christmas weekend itself is " crunch time" for many toy retailers, so you can start offering sales and incentives.

Pro tip : When you hunt fot that hot, must have toy of the years, you are going to need to buy it early because pupolar toys very sell out fast.


In every 25th December : James spoke with several jewerly retailers, who say it is a common practice to freese prices, independent ot the going rate for gold or silver, in the month before Christmas, So, some time this mont is great to buy because price could rise up after the holidays

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